To overseas customers.

Our store can only deliver to an address within Japan, but you can use the service of an intermediate company that does overseas shipments, like the examples below.
If you choose to use one of these services, please understand that they are independent to our shop.

■ is the international shipping service run by the company tenso.
You will need to register on to use this service.
Feel free to check their homepage below for details.

FROM JAPAN is a service that can buy a product on the behalf of a customer and send it to an address overseas.
You will need to register first as a FROM JAPAN member to use this service.
Feel free to check their homepage below for details.

■ Important
・Our shop, administrated by pochilu STORE, cannot respond to an inquiry concerning one of these services, which are not related to pochilu STORE.
・The purchasing methods and terms of service of these services vary from those of our shop. Please check their terms of use, caution points and descriptions, and contact them directly for any question.
・Please understand that pochilu STORE and our shop cannot be held accountable for any trouble related to the use of one of these international shipping services ( including damage or lost items, contract and negotiation terms between the customer and the service, etc).





FROM JAPANは株式会社 FROM JAPANが運営する、お客様に代わり商品を購入しご指定された海外住所への発送を行うサービスです。
サービスのご利用には、別途FROM JAPANの会員登録が必要となります。

・各外部サービスに関するお問い合わせは、当ショップを運営するpochilu STOREではお答えする事は出来かねます。

・当ショップを運営するpochilu STOREでは、海外でのトラブル(商品紛失、破損)、お客様と各外部サービスとの契約、交渉その他取引内容等の一切に関しまして、一切の責任を負いかねます。あらかじめ、ご了承ください。